WinEEG and HBIdb installation and setup

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The HBI reference (normative) database includes multi-channel EEG and ERP recordings of healthy subject from 7 to 89 yo. HBI allows to compare your patient Spectra and ERP results to “norms” and find significant deviations.

In HBI a 19-channel EEG is recorded in two resting conditions with eyes open (minimum 3 minutes), eyes closed (minimum 3 minutes), and five different task conditions, including two stimulus GO/NOGO tasks, arithmetic and reading tasks, auditory recognition and auditory oddball tasks. The characteristics of QEEG are normalized. The mean values and standard deviations for separate age groups are obtained. Deviations from “normality” are assessed by computing zscores – standardized measures of deviation of individual EEG parameters from the normative data.

HBI database is fully compatible with WinEEG v3.0.5 and higher but requires initial setup.

Files for download:

*- be sure that you have proper security dongle from HBI. Special license is required to access HBI database.

We do recommend to install both WinEEG and HBI database in the same folder as shown below:

Open one of your files that you want to compare in WinEEG. Go to Analysis – EEG Spectra… or Analysis – Computer ERP… In dialog window select Load from database. When you first time try to access database WinEEG will ask you to define it location.

Browse for HBI Database folder

If you do right you will see the list of condition to select. Now you can compute you EEG Spectra or ERPs and compare them to norms from Analysis-Comparison of results..

Test contention selection for EEG spectra

For more information about HBI database please refer to

A few education video with EEG and ERP processing and comparison with HBI normative database are available on Youtube.

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