How to update SmartBCI firmware?

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First of all request file for firmware update from our support team. To learn your current firmware version open EEGStudio – Application Options – Hardware and select your device or WinEEG – Setup – Equipment Parameters.

To update SmartBCI wireless amplifier firmware, please, perform following steps:

  • Connect your SmartBCI amplifier to USB port of the computer
  • Put updateuni.bci to device storage root directory
  • Disconnect the device from USB
  • Turn the device on by pressing the ON/OFF button.
  • SmartBCI will start firmware update automatically. It may take up to 60 sec. While firmware upgrade is running you will see green LED permanent lighting.

To make factory reset of the firmware create file reset.bci with Notepad and put it to device storage root directory and turn off/on the device.

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