Subject response (patient button) processing setup for ERP analysis.

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If you are using WinEEG+Psytask ERP system, the button response processing is programmed in WinEEG. When you record ERP you should connect patient response button to yellow socket of amplifier.

You will see two red channel corresponding to clicking left and right button.

To process subject respond channel while computing ERPs go to drop down menu Analysis—Compute ERP.

Then you should select Digital 1 for left mouse button or Digital 2 for right button as shown below (arrow 1), after this go to next step (“Define” button, arrow 2)

In the next window select Digital 1 for left button and if necessary define right button channel.

All the measurements of ERP tests perform in WinEEG. Slave computer (Psytask) is only intended for stimuli presentation according to your test protocol.

To access results of subject respond processing go to drop down menu Analysis – Groups Info.

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