SmartBCI with SmartBOX setup for ERP recordings

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In Event Related Potentials (ERP) research with SmartBCI following accesosories may be used for proper data acquisition:


Multimodal wireless synchronization unit with different types external events. SmartBOX has built in optical sesnor that is used to detect visual and audio jack for detection of audio stimuli presented to the patient. It wirelessly transmit these data to SmartBCI via PSens located on the front lob of the EEG cap.


Wireless 2 channel event button with IR interface. Is used to detect patient reaction of presented stimuli.


Wired 2 channel event button connected to SmartBOX unit and used for patient reaction of presented stimuli.

SmartCAP or SmartDRY caps

Special EEG caps with PSens to detect wireless event marks from SmartBOX and SmartKEY.

Below is a system seup for ERP recording. SmartBOX is attached to stimuli presentation monitor screen and detect actual stimuli presenation time using the special service field. Event mark is transmitted to SmartBCI unit via PSens located on the front lob of the EEG cap.

Patient respond can be detected using either wireless 2 channel SmartKEY or wired SmartPUSH buttons. SmartKEY button transmites patient respond marks directly to SmatBCI via PSens on the EEG cap. SmartPUSH button is connected to SmartBOX and patient respond data is transmitted via SmartBOX unit together with other event marks.

ERP setup with SmartBOX and SmartKEY
1. Master PC for EEG recording
2. Dongle with software license
3. SmartAIR wireless adapter (if required)
4. LAN cable to connect Master and Slave PC

5. EEG cap with PSens
6. SmartBCI amplifier
7. Audio cable
8. USB cable
9. Speakers
10. SmartKEY wireless button
11. SmartPUSH wired button
12. SmartBOX
13. Slave PC for stimuli presentation

We offer a few options for SmartBOX mouting on the monitor screen. You can choose one that will fit you screen shapre better or get them all.

To learn more about availalble options for external event detection, please, read this articale>>. 

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