Group analysis and grand average files

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WinEEG allow files group analysis and creation of grand average file including Spectra and ERP data.

To access group analysis you need all your EEG/Spectra/ERP files added in internal WinEEG files database. To access database of raw EEG files go to File – Open EEG Database and to access databases of Spectra/ERP results go to File – Open Another Database.

This example shows raw EEG files group processing. Using SHIFT or CTRL buttons select files you would like to process or average in the corresponding database and click Average button..

Select file for group processioning or averaging

If you files are recorded and edited in the same way you can skip sampling rate, montage setting as well as artifact rejection. But if your files were not processing or coming from different sources you may have to resample them, apply same Montage (electrodes layout) and make artifact correction and rejection!

On this screen capture you see ICA artifact correction parameters. Tamplete for eye blinks correction was selected.

We are going to make group analysis for all selected files and compute FFT Power spectra and coherence for all of files. After you have setup all processing parameters click OK button to start group processing.

Processing bar and report windows shows filed group processing results.

To access results of FFT Power Spectra of all proceed files go to corresponding databse via menu File – Open Another Database – EEG Spectra. Now we can create grand average file of Spectra. To do that select all computed Spectra results and click Average button again

FFT Power Spectra files selected for averaging

Wait until the averaging is finished. You can also keep your original (raw) Spectra results of every processed subject if needed.

GCreating grand average file of FFT Power Spectra

Grand average file will be saved in the EEG Spectra database.

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