WinEEG Research Software

Applications for advanced EEG and ERP processing

WinEEG is an advanced QEEG research-grade software for EEG and ERP data post-hoc processing and analysis.

Both native Mitsar-EEG format files and international EDF and EDF+ files could be imported for processing. WinEEG supports up to 256 channels recording including event markers and trigger for Event-Related Potentials (ERP) studies.

EEG review

eeg review

A flexible EEG review allows fast display of the EEG on the computer monitor and immediate access to any part of the recording. User definable labels may be used to mark EEG recordings for quick access to different parts of recordings.


aritifact eye movements suppression by ICA

Artifacts correction procedures are based on Infomax ICA decomposition of raw EEG and special filtering helping to increase quality of EEG record.

Eye movements suppression by ICA Artifacts correction by ICA templates Artifacts detection by threshold.

Montage Library

Recorded EEG can be displayed in different montages: monopolar, bipolar, Av or AvW reference. Montage Library contains a number of world recognized montages. Any montage could be customized by the user.

EEG can be filtered by IIR digital filters to change frequency band of recording to and eliminate environmental noise (50 or 60 Hz). Also EEG can be filtered by high order FIR filters.

Event Related Potentials and Wavelet Analysis

Event Related Potentials ERP

Event Related Potentials Wavelet Analysis

FFT Power Spectra & Brain Mapping

FFT Power Spectra & Brain Mapping

WinEEG software includes the multichannel spectral analysis, brain mapping and coherence. Power spectra and coherence can be computed for any selected part of recorded EEG. Different parameters of spectra computed for predefined frequency band ranges can be displayed as histograms, maps and tables.

Band ranges ration like Theta/Beta and asymmetry maps are available together with spectra computation. The spectra data can be exported to other applications (standard statistical packages such as STATISTICA* or SPSS*) by using ASCII format for a future statistical analysis.

Localization in LORETA

Localization in LORETA

WinEEG is integrated with LORETA software. Sources and Spectra Power distribution with 3D mapping of data can be performed by LORETA software to which mapped data is transferred automatically.

Also you can perform LOREAT for ICA components and averaged Spikes.

Averaging and data processing automation

The spectra, coherence, ERP, ERD and etc. can be process in automated mode for batch of recordings selected by user. The results of processing will be automatically stored to build-in database.

Grand average files of Spectra and ERP data could be created and storage in the database. Comparison of subject FFT Power Spectra and ERP data to grand average files as well as pre- and post-recording comparison if available.

Dipole Source Localization

Dipole Source Localization

Build in equivalent dipole localization algorithm help to identify a brain position of source of paroxysmal activity.

Built-in recording management database

All patient information including EEG waveform and video can be saved to build-in database or written on CD. Build-in database helps to automatically search recording and provide automatically data processing, data averaging and exporting. In addition, all data can be stored and reviewed on any Windows-based PC.

Export of EEG

Raw or proceed EEG and ERP data can be exported in different formats such as ASCII, EDF and EDF+ and other.

EEG spectra, coherence, ERP, ERD and parameters of task performance can be exported to ASCII file automatically for collection of recordings selected by user.