AUX channel for stimuli detection or event marks.

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Mitsar-EEG amplifier have special analogue AUX channels for ERP system calibration and detection of external stimuli or events.

AUX plug of Mitsar-EEG amplifier box.

For AUX we use Circular connector by BINDER with following part numbers:

Amplifier box side: 09-9766-20-04
Cable side: 09-9767-71-04

Custom cable for connection to any third-part devices for event source could be designed upon request.

AUX plug pinout.

AAUX channels could be used to obtain analogue signals from different source including monitor screen, computer audio jack or other equipment for synchronization purposes.

Below is an example of using AUX channel for ERP system calibration. AUX channels are used for calibration of stimuli presentation monitor by detecting actual time of stimuli presentation and calibration of audio channel of the computer for sound presentation.

Configuration of the ERP recording system.

1” – Monitor of “Master” computer; “2” – Monitor cable of “Master” computer; “3” –
Software USB dongle (Guardant dongle); “4” – CPU of “Master” computer; “5” –
Ethernet cable (Network cable or Patch cord); “6” – USB A cable– mini USB B; “7” – EP
sensors; “8” – Patient button; “9” – Mitsar-EEG Amplifier box; “10” – Loudspeakers;
“11” – Cable for speakers; “12 – Monitor of “Slave” computer; “13” – CPU of “Slave”
computer; “14” – Monitor cable of “Slave” computer; “15” – Video sensor

How to add AUX channel to WinEEG montage?

Create new Exam in WinEEG

Open you current Montage

Add new lead in the list and select VSyn in drop down menu for monitor sensor and ASyn for audio jack.

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