Current Source Density (CSD) in WinEEG

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Current source density analysis (CSD) is a class of methods of analysis of extracellular electric potentials recorded at multiple sites leading to estimates of current sources generating the measured potentials.

CSD Montage in WinEEG is based on spherical spline algorithm (Perrin et al., 1989) to compute scalp surface Laplacian or Current Source Density estimates for surface potentials (EEG/ERP).

To create “CSD montage” you need to follow following steps:

  1. Go to Montage parameters and select AvW=CSD by F.Perrin option for AvW.
Current Source Density (CSD) by F. Perrin

2. After that select CSD like a Referent to all your channels in the Montage. You can also rename your Montage if necessary.

Current Source Density (CSD) like Referent

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