External events and synchronization guide

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SmartBCI offer a few option for event detection and synchronization. Additional accessories are available for different experiment scenarios.

SmartSYNCSynchronization module operated by SmartBCI via IR interface
SmartBOXMultimodal wireless synchronization unit with different types external events
SmartKEYWireless 2 channel event button with IR interface.
SmartCAP’s with PSensor are required
SmartPUSHWired 2 channel event button compatable with SmartSYNC and SmartBOX

Down below is provided and correspondent table of event types and available accessories in order to help to choose system kit that will fit all you research scope and clinical application.

EEGStudio event typeSmartSYNCCommentSmartBOXCommentSmartKEYComment
Photo stimuli
Via Photic GogglesNo availableNo available
Audio stimuliVia HeadphonesNo availableNo available
Visual event (ERP stimuli)Optical monitor sensorBuilt-in optical monitor sensorNo available
Audio event (ERP stimuli)No availableBuilt-in audio inputNo available
Syncronization stampsNo available1s interval stamp via IR interface No available
User events 1Input 1No availableNo available
User events 2Input 1No availableNo available
User events 3Input 2Input 1 (SmartPUSH CH1
or custom cable)
SmartKEY CH1
User events 4Input 2Input 1 (SmartPUSH CH2
or custom cable)
SmartKEY CH2

EEGStudio stores all event types detected by SmartBCI and displays them on the EEG screen. You can customize the colors for different type of event for your convenience.

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