How to create Montage with proper Reference?

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First of all be sure you know your amplifier version.  You can find out the amplifier version number by opening Menu—Setup—Equipment parameters. It is a number in brackets (see red arrow).

UPD: Recent WinEEG version has got new feature allowing to update all your current montages based on the connected amplifier version. It is availalbe in Equipment parameters there you need to click Update the default list of montages for given amplifiers’button.

To modify montages and change your reference in WinEEG perfom following actions:

  • Close all the examinations
  • Go to Setup—Montage list
  • Choose the montage you need and click Modify

Then choose the amplifier type in line “Select…” (arrow1). Choose one of possible reference electrodes (arrow2). Click OK.

  • Switch to Electrodes tab.
  • Be sure that your amplifier verson is displayed correctly.
  • Select the Referent option you prefer
  • REF – Common reference (availalbe on some EEG caps)
  • A1 – left ear
  • A2 – right ear
  • (A1+A2)/2 – linked ears referent (LE)
  • Cz electrode like a referent

To run linked ears (LE) for older devices tick Connect A1 and A2.

Be aware that not every EEG cap has common REF electrode. EEG caps by Electro-Cap International do to support it and you have switch to any other reference. Different EEG caps comparison is available here>>

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