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How to create Montage with proper Reference?

First of all be sure you know your amplifier version.  You can find out the amplifier version number by opening Menu—Setup—Equipment parameters. It is a number in brackets (see red arrow).

After that in WinEEG you should close all the examinations, open Menu—Setup—Montage list—Choose the montage you need—Modify—Electrodes tab.

Then choose the amplifier type in line “Select…” (arrow1). Choose one of possible reference electrodes (arrow2). Click OK.

You should set these parameters for each montage you are going to use.
  • REF – Common reference
  • A1 – left ear
  • A2 – right ear(
  • (A1+A2)/2 – linked ears (LE)
  • Cz electrode

Last Updated On January 03, 2020