WinEEG dongle setup / checking your license

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WinEEG software requires proper license for EEG and/or ERP recordings and import of third-party files in EDF/EDF+ formats that is provide on the security USB dongle. Below you will find setup and verification tutorial of your dongle.

Setup procedure:

  • Download and install Guardant dongle driver
  • Plug-in your dongle to on of USB port of the computer with installed WinEEG software
  • Go to Control Panel – Device Manager and check if it is displayed in the device list without any cautions parts
  • You can also find it in Control Panel – Device and Printers under the name Guardant Sign or Stealth.
  • Go to WinEEG folder C:\Mitsar\WinEEG
  • Find and run GuarView.exe utility
  • Check if you dongle is recognized and your license is displayed correctly

Available license types:

OKFull (advanced) license with access to ERP recording
and import of EDF files
EEG only Basic license for EEG records
and processing only

Check your WinEEG advanced license status

  • Start WinEEG only after your dongle is connected and installed
  • Go to WinEEG – Setup – Equipment parameters and check if Access codes textboxes are NOT available. That indicates that your dongle is well recognized by WiNEEG.
  • Now you can check if EDF+ files import is available. You can also check access to ERP recording after you start new investigation.
  • Go to WinEEG – File – Import EDF+ Date. This function should be available if you have advanced license.
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