EEG caps overview and comparison

EEG caps overview and comparison

Our Mitsar-EEG amplifiers are compatible with a few EEG caps. Mitsar-EEG-BT and Mitsar-EEG-202-24 are equipped with D-sub DB25 connector that is used in most EEG caps on the market.

Mitsar-EEG-202-31 require either custom EEG caps with D-sub DB37 or it could be used with regular caps via adapter that could be ordered together with a EEG system.

Below we have listed 3 different EEG caps with electrodes placement according to the international “10-20” system that are compatible with Mitsar-EEG systems. There caps that have been tested by Mitsar Co. and usually supplied with the system.

ANT Neuro produces special waveguard connect caps with Mitsar-EEG pinout under the following product ID: CS-313.s1

These are not only these EEG caps that could be used with Mitsar-EEG but these are most popular caps among our customers. All caps offer good signal quality and could be recommended for medical grade EEG applications.

All listed electrodes caps require gel and are ready for following applications:

All listed parameters are based on our own experience and are the subjective opinion of the author of this article. If you have any remarked or just want to share your experience with following cap feel free to contact us or leave a comment.

ManufacturerANT Neuro,
International. Inc, USA
Referential channels211919/21
Ear leads or mastoidsBuilt-in mastoidsRegular style: single lead ear clamps
Surgical style: Built-in ear clamps
Built-in mastoids or ear leads
Common REFYesNoYes
Electrodes materialTinTinSintered Ag/AgCl
Caps sizesB (baby), I (infant), C (child), S, M, LXS, S, M, L
INFANT caps availalbe
S/XS, S, M/S, M, L/M, L, XL/L, XL
DesignElectrodes are built-in the capElectrodes are built-in the capSingle wire electrodes set. Textile cap itself could be replaced for new one or another size.
Application• Routine clinical EEG
• Video EEG monitoring
• Routine clinical EEG
• Video EEG monitoring
• Routine clinical EEG
• Video EEG monitoring
ComfortMost comfortable cap for the patient:
• Soft silicone electrode cups
• Hidden wiring
• Breathable Coolmax™ fabric
Medium patient comfort because of hard plastic electrodes cups. Sometimes patient could feel excess pressure and discomfort.Medium patient comfort. The electrodes caps design is similar to waveguard and are medium soft.
Caps are made from neoprene that could that can cause sweating and related artifact.
DurabilityRequire gentle usage and cleaning. No squeeze after cleaning is allowed.Durable cap for heavy useTextile caps wear out petty quickly in case of heavy use but could be replaced for the new one.
ReparabilityRepair kit is availableCould be repaired by the manufacturer. Quick insert electrodes are available for temporary replacement of faulty electrodesTextile caps could be replaced for the new one.
Mitsar compatibilityCap #CS-313.s1 is fully compatible to:
• Mitsar-EEG-BT
• Mitsar-EEG-202-24
Fully* compatible to:
• Mitsar-EEG-BT
• Mitsar-EEG-202-24
*-single lead ear clamps are required. No common REF electrode
Fully compatible to:
• Mitsar-EEG-BT
• Mitsar-EEG-202-24
Custom capsNot availableAvailable upon requestAvailable upon request
Mitsar Web ShopOrder your capNot availableOrder your cap

EEG caps is a good solution for EEG labs there technician is responsible EEG recordings and patient preparation. They allow quick patient setup and to avoid mistakes in electrodes placement.

Every electrode has a special hole for gel supply using special syringe kit and makes process easy even for not experienced user. Although some practice is required. Excess of gel can cause shorting and interference of electrodes located next to each other.

We recommend to select caps for continuous EEG recordings and night video EEG monitoring with the duration up to 8-10 hours to prevent EEG gel drying out.

Patients with a non-standard head shape or lush hair could a problem if you use caps only. We recommend to keep spare kit of single leads electrodes with electrodes paste to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Also, a large flow of patients in a clinic requires the presence of several EEG caps of the same size, since after using the cap it is necessary to wash it and they simply do not have time to dry before the next patient some. Enjoy your EEG research and visit our web shop to discover available EEG caps.

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