QEEG introductory workshops in Brasil

Sao Paulo, 16 e 17 de Maio de 2019 Neurociências da Neuromodulação: Brain Mapping por Eletroencefalografia Quantitativa [QEEG] para identificação de neuromarcadores em transtornos de saúde mental e design de protocolos de neuromodulacao personalizados. Professor Doutor Antonio Martins-Mourão - Open University e londonScientific Neurotherapy, United Kingdom For more information please visit:


Beginners EEG recording and qEEG analysis

Tokio, Japan | August 30-31 2019 Make your first steps in qEEG analysis with Dr. Rivi Sela. This workshop is an introduction to the recording and analysis of qEEG for neurofeedback practitioners who want to add qEEG to their toolbox. EEG and Quantitative EEG (qEEG) are valuable tools for supporting the diagnosis and targeted, effective neurofeedback training of a host of different neuropsychological disorders. This two-day hands-on workshop will go over the basics of recording the EEG and generating a qEEG [...]