Mitsar-LTM system

Long-term EEG monitoring

Mitsar-LTM system is the best solution for long-term Video EEG monitoring in Epilepsy Monitoring Units and ICU. We offer continuous high quality patient video and audio capturing synchronized with EEG/ECG/SpO2 and other biological signals.

It supports multiple modalities in one single system including EEG, Video EEG, Ambulatory EEG and ICU monitoring. Easy-to-use and equipped with low noise wireless Mitsar-EEG-BT or wireless wearable SmartBCI amplifiers.

Key Features

  • High quality DC amplifiers with wireless interface
  • Real-time impedance monitoring and storage
  • Up to 2 IP network high resolution day/night cameras
  • ZOOM and remote control of the camera position
  • Dual monitor mode for technician/doctor comfort
  • DSA and other trend graphs included

Compatible accessories

Workstation. Trolley cart

Trolley Cart
Mobile trolley cart with adjustable high supports of dual monitors. It comes with video camera mounting and accessories basket. It is compatible with any all-in-one PC with VESA mounting and also could be upgraded for standard CPU installation.

  • Trolley cart with adjustable height
  • VESA dual monitor holder
  • IP camera pole mount
  • CPU mount (option)
  • Accessories basket

IP cameras for video EEG monitoring

Portable FullHD camera

Best price/quality ratio

Wall or tripod mount
Built-in microphone and IR backlight
Powered over Ethernet (PoE)
Digital ZOOM

Wall mounted FullHD camera

High-end video EEG solution

Night mode
PTZ remote control
Powered over Ethernet (PoE)
Optical and digital ZOOM

Mitsar EEG. Roll stand

Mitsar-EEG amplifier with wireless Bluetooth interface is installed on roll stand equipped with flexible 80cm gooseneck for LED ultra-bright photic stimulator. This configuration allows to put the EEG device right to the patient bad or cheap and keep the workstation away. Wireless EEG amplifier support 10m distance from the workstation but also could be connected via standard USB interface to the workstation on trolley cart.

  • Low-noise DC-70 Hz amplfier
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection
  • Real-time impedance monitoring
  • EEG cap or single electrodes

SmartBCI. Wearable amplifier

LTM system could be equipped with ultra-small and light wireless wearable EEG amplifier. SmartBCI provides patient freedom inside the EEG room. It is compatible both with EEG caps and standard scalp/subdermal or subcortical electrodes via touch proof adapter SmartTOUCH. SmartBI is low noise wireless amplifier with high signal quality to meet the needs of long-term scalp and intracranial epilepsy and ICU monitoring.

  • Wireless Bluetooth connection
  • On-board memory for ambulatory EEG
  • Wearable less than 100 g amplifier
  • Real-time impedance monitoring

Export to

Trend Graphs

EEGStudio LTM software

Software key features

Our software package includes all necessary options for long-term EEG monitoring both for epilepsy studies and ICU. Built-in trending package includes wide range of DSA as well as HRV and SpO2 trends.

  • Patient and recording management database
  • Powerful DSA trend graphs package
  • Spike and unlikely events detection
  • Synchronized video and audio patient capturing
  • Detailed event logging (event table)
  • Dual monitor mode for technician/doctor comfort
  • EEG viewer software and data archiving solution
  • Video clips creating for selected recording fragment

Spike detection

spike trend
The software performs automatic detection of spike, spike-wave, and bursts of fast or slow activity with quick navigation between seizure events. Combination of DSA and spike trends allow easy determination of epileptiform-like activity.