Video EEG monitoring

Mitsar-EEG LTM system

Mitsar-EEG LTM system is the best solution for clinical epilepsy video-EEG monitoring applications.

Continuous patient video and audio capturing synchronized with EEG is available both for all models of Mitsar-EEG amplifiers and wearable SmartBCI wireless amplifier.

  • Up to 2 network FullHD day/night cameras
  • ZOOM and remote control of the camera position
  • Automatic video and audio signal compression
  • Dual monitor mode for technician/doctor comfort

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Trend Graphs

Mitsar Video EEG HD cameras

Portable FullHD camera

Mitsar video EEG cameras

Wall or tripod mount
Built-in microphone and IR backlight
Powered over Ethernet (PoE)
Digital ZOOM

Wall mounted FullHD camera

Mitsar HD cameras

Night mode
PTZ remote control
Powered over Ethernet (PoE)
Optical ZOOM

Mitsar Video EEG Software

Software features

  • Patient and recording management database
  • EEG viewer software and data archiving solution
  • Video clips creating for selected recording fragment
  • Dual monitor mode for technician/doctor comfort
  • Detailed event logging (event table)

Compatible accessories

  • ECI and waveguard electrodes caps
  • MCSCap electrodes caps
  • Cup electrodes on paste
  • Subdural grid/strip electrodes
  • Wireless pulse oximeter NONIN

Spike detection

spike trend
Automatic detection of spikes and spike trend graph display with fast navigation between epilepsy events. Combination of DSA and spike trends allow easy determine of epilepsy activity.