Mitsar-EEG. GMP certificate by KFDA

We a happy to announce that Mitsar Co . Ltd was issued an GMP certificate by KFDA. We would like to thank our Korean partner and distributor iMediSyn Inc. for all the support they provided! iMediSyn has developed could-based iSyncBrain platform for advanced EEG Analysis with Asia’s first sex-classified QEEG normative database. We are very proud to be a part of this project and supply out research grade EEG systems to Korea. Please, do not hesitate to contract us for more information.


iBrain startup and SmartBCI technology

Our partner company iBrain was awarded by Sberbank and 500 Startups like one of 7 best startups. i-BrainTech is a Neurointerface with AI for restoration & improvement of motor functions of the brain in game form. Company offers solution for rehabilitation therapists and their clinics who seek to significantly improve efficiency of rehabilitation after stroke and brain injuries. Neurointerface based on AI that makes rehab process motivating and up to 2 times more efficient. Mitsar is proud to be a part of this project [...]


EEGStudio trend graphs for continuous EEG

We are happy announce new version of EEGStudio software with trend graphs for processing of long-term EEG recordings while video EEG monitoring and ambulatory EEG. Following trend graphs are available: HRV trend DSA trend DSA Asymmetry trend FFT Power trend FFT Power Asymmetry trend FFT Power ratio trend Rhythm indexes ratio trend Electrodes Impedance trend SpO2 trend Apply for trial version now.