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Short-Delay Neurofeedback Facilitates Training of the Parietal Alpha Rhythm

Figure 10: The magnitude of sustained changes in alpha rhythm parameters as a function of actual mean feedback latency for A) alpha magnitude, B)burst incidence rate, C) burst amplitude and D) burst duration. The text on each panel shows p-value for the hypothesis that the correlation coefficient is zero obtained with the parametric t-test and with a randomization test (in brackets). Only gain in alpha-spindles appear to have a significant linear dependence on feedback latency. Our great collaborators from Center [...]


iBrain startup and SmartBCI technology

Our partner company iBrain was awarded by Sberbank and 500 Startups like one of 7 best startups. i-BrainTech is a Neurointerface with AI for restoration & improvement of motor functions of the brain in game form. Company offers solution for rehabilitation therapists and their clinics who seek to significantly improve efficiency of rehabilitation after stroke and brain injuries. Neurointerface based on AI that makes rehab process motivating and up to 2 times more efficient. Mitsar is proud to be a part of this project [...]