Wireless EEG headset comparison – SmartBCI wearable EEG system

Wearable wireless EEG headsets

Here you will find comparison chart of full-montage wearable wireless EEG systems for research and clinical application. Only professional grade EEG headsets have been selected by Mitsar experts like word leaders in the neuroscience industry. All listed electroencephalographs manufacturers offer high quality portable EEG machines with unique features and having following applications

  • Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) design and development
  • Research in Sports and Peak Performance EEG
  • EEG research while daily routines
  • Medical grade ambulatory EEG recording and etc.

Trade mark and Company SmartBCI EEG headset
Versatile EEG
Brain Products
Advanced Brain Monitoring
DSI 24
Wearable Sensing
Number of channels 24/32 16/32 20/32 16/32 24 16/32 24/30 24
Accelerometer Yes No
Impedance check Real-time with EEG acquisition Relative contact impedance Real-time with EEG Yes Yes. Initiated by host computer using bi-directional link Yes (Performed with 10 Hz) Real-time with EEG acquisition No
ADC 24 bit 16 bit
Input range ±350 mV ±100 mV ±341 mV ±187,5mV ±10 mV
Input noise ≤ 1,5 µV
≤ 1,0 µV
≤ 4,0 µV
≤ 2,0 µV
2,0–3,0 µV
≤ 4,0 µV
≤ 4,0 µV
≤ 3,0 µV
Frequency range DC(0)–70 Hz 0,1–100 Hz DC(0)–200 Hz DC(0)–131 Hz 0,3–150 Hz
Hardware sampling rate 2000 Hz filtered down 250 Hz 256 Hz 500 Hz 100/500/250 Hz 256 Hz 500/250 Hz 500/1000 Hz 300 Hz
Onboard storage Up to 32 Gb Micro SD up to 8 Gb Micro SD Micro SD up to 32 Gb No Micro SD No
Communication Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR (Bluetooth 5.0 option) Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth
Wireless range ≥ 10 m
Internal power Built-in
Li-poly battery
1000 or 2000 mAh
Li-poly battery
Built-in Li-ion battery Built-in rechargeable battery 2 x Li-ion batteries Built-in Li-ion battery Dual, hot-swappable, removable Lithium-Ion
Uninterrupted operating time Up to 20 hours wireless
Up to 24 hours SD-card
Up to 8 hours – wireless Up to 14 hours Up to 3 hours – wireless up to 4,5 hours SD-card Up to 6 hours – wireless up to 16 hours SD-card Up to 10 hours Up to 8 hours – wireless up to 16 hours SD-card
Electrodes Wet (MCSCap, disk)
Subcotical (Grid/Strip)
Active Dry (SmartDRY)
Semi-dry Wet/Dry Dry Active, wet and dry Dry
TTL TTL in/out put via SmartSYNC module Yes (1x digital input, 1x optical trigger) No Built-in Optional Wireless Yes
Photo-stimulator Photic goggles  via SmartSYNC module No
Weight 70 g 290/450g (complete) 65 g 60 g 110 g 200 g 530 g
with dry electrodes
600 g
with dry electrodes
Dimensions 65 x 55 x 18 mm with battery
2000 mAh
65 x 85 x 20 mm 83 x 51 x 14 mm 5” (L) x 2.25” (W) x 1” (H) 80 (L) x 60 (W) x 27 (H) mm
Medically certified CE CE/FDA No CE/FDA No
Software Video EEG, Ambulatory EEG, iEEG, StereoEEG, EEG trends, EEG neurobiofeedback, qEEG&ERP, real time LSL, SDK.
Compatible with MATLAB, BESA, iMotions, NeuroGuide®, Persyst®
LSL, real time SDK. Compatible with MATLAB/EEGLAB, LSL, BCI2000, BESA, Mensia, NeuroGuide® NIC(controls all Enobio EEG), NUBE (cloud management system), MatNIC (Matlab toolkit), Neurosurfer (neurofeedback applications)/FDA Brain Vision software Persyst® and other recognized software Performs full functionality within NeuroGuide® Software Developers’ Kit (SDK) Compatible with MATLAB/EEGLAB, Lab Streaming Layer, Neuropype, BCI2000, OpenViBE, Brain Vision Analyzer, Mensia, and Neuroguide

All data has been collected from open sources on web and presented like it is. If you found any inaccuracy in the EEG headset specification chart or have remarks regarding your EEG machine, please, feel free to contact us.