MCScap PROF Ag/AgCl EEG cap (10-20 system)


MCScap PROF Ag/AgCl EEG cap (10-20 system)

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MCScap PROFESSIONAL combines the advantages of high stable big contact area of Ag/AgCl sintered sensor with the electrode form of a wide bowl with skirt. This cap is best decision for studies that requires high-quality EEG registration.

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MCScap PROFESSIONAL – textile cap with pre-wired Ag/AgCl sintered NTC-type electrodes according to 10-20 international electrodes placement system with DB25 common connector. EEG starter kit and bag are included.

Application: scientific research, high resolution EEG, MR-compatible EEG*

*MCScap PROFESSIONAL MR-compatible available by order.

  • EEG cap PROFESSIONAL with NTC-type electrodes (10-20 system)
  • 1 spare electrode with TP connector
  • Ear electrode fixators
  • EEG starter kit (syringe, needle, brush)*
  • Bag for storage and carry
  • User manual

*- EEG gel is not included

Size Fit for Head circumference
S/XS Children up to 1 year 39-45 cm
S Children up to 2 years 42-48 cm
M/S Children up to 5 years 45-51 cm
M Children, teenagers 48-54 cm
L/M Teenagers, adults 51-57 cm
L Adults (most) 54-60 cm
XL/L Adults 57-63 cm
XL Adults 60-66 cm