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FREE WEBINAR: Why you may want to add Functional Brain Mapping techniques to your practice

Date: 23 of September 2021Time: 16.00 (Helsinki time | UTC+03:00) Lecturer: Olga Kara, PhDZoom Meeting ID: 779 3399 4713Facebook: https://fb.me/e/1baibxDVp Brain imaging technologies include scanning techniques that allow us to perform non-invasive spatial brain mapping to identify morphological construction of different brain structures, measure neurochemical processes, and record functional changes in response to a particular task. These approaches include computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), functional magnetic-resonance tomography (fMRI), positron emission tomography (PET), single-photon emission computer tomography (SPECT), diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), Diffuse optical tomography (DOT). [...]