EEG systems detailed specification

Mitsar-EEG systems

Here you will find comparison chart with detailed specification of USB powered and wireless Mitsar-EEG machines and wearable wireless SmartBCI system.


21 EEG and 4 Poly channel amplifier is a great diagnostic tool that comply clinical requirements.

  • Wireless and USB interface
  • Online impedance measurement
  • waveguard® connect compatible


DC amplifier with up to 500 Hz band compatible to waveguard® connect and Electro-Cap EEG caps.

  • waveguard® connect compatible
  • 2000 Hz storage rate
  • DC-500 Hz band


Up to 41 EEG channel
DC amplifier with up to 500 Hz band ready for neuroscience research.

  • Up to 41 EEG channels
  • 2000 Hz storage rate
  • DC-500 Hz band


Wearable 24 or 32 channel wireless EEG system for medical applications, research use and BCI development.

  • Ultra light and small
  • Wireless EEG amplifier
  • EEG in holter mode

Mitsar EEG Technical Overview

Options Mitsar-EEG-BT Mitsar EEG-202 Smart BCI EEG headset
Referential EEG channels Up to 23 Up to 41 for Mitsar-EEG-31 24 or 32
Poly channel 4 Up to 8 1 for ECG
Reference A1, A2, AA (Linked ears), Cz, Common REF
Frequency band DC – 500 Hz (USB)
DC – 70 Hz (wireless)
DC – 150 Hz
DC – 500 Hz
(according to selected storage rate)
DC – 70 Hz
Sampling rate 2000 Hz
Storage rate 2000 Hz (USB)
250 Hz (wireless)
500 or 2000 Hz 250 Hz
Noise 1,5 µV peak-to-peak 1,5 µV peak-to-peak
Input range Up to ±700 mV for EEG channels

Up to ±2000 mV for Poly channels

±500 mV Up to ±700 mV
AD conversion 24 bit
Intertnal memory No Holter mode data storage
(up to 32 Gb)
Operetional time Is not limited 24 or 10 hours recording
Weight 600 g 600 g 55 g (10 hours recording w/o recharging)
70 g (24 hours recording w/o recharging)
Dimension 210 x 140 x 45 mm 210 x 140 x 45 mm 65 x 50 x 18 mm (24 hours recording w/o recharging)
65 x 50 x 15 mm (10 hours recording w/o recharging)
Power Supply USB powered + Li-ion battery 3.7 V USB powered Rechargeable
Li-ion battery 3.7 V
Accelerometer Data Recording No Yes
Impedance check Real-time with EEG acquisition Off Line Real-time with EEG acquisition
Data transmission range 5 meters USB cable,
10+ meters wireless mode
5 meters USB cable 10+ meters, line of sight with onboard antenna
EEG cap plug 25 pin DB connector 25/37 pin DB connector Yes
Amplifier interface USB, Bluetooth 3.0 USB Bluetooth 3.0
Operation system Windows 7/8/10
EEG acquisition software for OS ANDROID No Android 4.4 or higher
QEEG analysis software Yes
Software Developers’ Kit SDK Yes No Yes
Applications Medical applications. Basic research Medical applications.
Basic research.
Brain Computer Interface
Additional options
Photic stimulator Available
Phono stimulator Available
Long-latency ERP Available
Video EEG monitoring Available
EEG trends Available
Lab Streaming Layer. (LSL) Utility Available