Waveguard connect EEG cap (10-20 system)


Waveguard connect EEG cap (10-20 system)

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Waveguard™ connect EEG cap with Tin electrodes fully comparable to Mitsar-EEG systems. Best solution for routine and video EEG monitoring.

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Waveguard™ connect’s exceptional comfort is achieved through the use of soft silicone electrode cups instead of the hard, uncomfortable plastic cups that are commonly used in competing caps. The EEG caps feature hidden wiring and high density connectors, making the use and maintenance of the caps quick, safe, and easy. waveguard™ connect is perfect for routine diagnostics where good signal quality is crucial for valid assessment.

  • Fully Mitsar-EEG system comparable (Product ID: CS-313.s1)
  • Tin (Sn) electrodes EEG caps
  • 6 different sizes to fit baby to adult
  • High quality at very attractive prices
  • 4 months warranty

The breathable Coolmax™ fabric in combination with soft silicone electrode cups ensure comfortable fit over extensive periods of time. While being soft to the skin, the durable fabric includes an effective fiber-based moisture management system which takes care of derivation of perspiration away from the body in warm environments. The soft electrode rings lessen the pressure from the electrode sensors, which is essential in reducing skin irritations that are caused by many other available EEG caps in the market.

  • EEG cap
  • Plastic bag
  • User manual

Sizes Description Head Cap Sizing Fits
Head Circumference
B Baby 14.2-15.4” (36-39cm)
I Infant 15.4-16.9” (39-43cm)
S Child 16.9-18.5” (43-47cm)
S Small 18.5-20.1” (47-51cm)
M Medium 20.1-22.1” (51-56cm)
L Large 22.1-24.1” (56-61cm)