SmartBCI Wireless EEG in Arctic experiment

SmartBCI Wireless EEG in Arctic experiment

Mitsar supported our colleagues from Institute of Human Brain in Arctic experiment. We have provided our wireless EEG system SmartBCI for EEG acquisition and processing.

40 volunteers took part in the scientific experiment in the Arctic. The crew of the Arctic floating university was three weeks under the supervision of scientists. Experts found out how the Arctic affects the psyche and the human body.

Throughout the journey the participants passed blood and saliva tests. With the help of psychological tests, scientists controlled their mood. Mandatory study for all was electroencephalography (EEG). This method helps to evaluate the brain performance.

Julia Khomenko, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Institute of Human Brain says:

EEG allows you to evaluate the brain functioning, to see how balanced are suppression and excitement processes in the central nervous system. We would like to compare pre- and post- EEG of the expedition participants to predict how well they adapted to new conditions during their Arctic journey.

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