SmartBCI Wireless EEG Family

Up to 64 channel wearable and wireless EEG system. Professional grade research support QEEG/ERP/BCI

SmartBCI family includes multichannel professional grade wireless and wearable EEG amplifiers, accessories and advanced software package ready for neuroscience research.

We support following research:

  • Brain Computer Interfaces
  • Peak Performance in Sports
  • Event Related Potentials (P300, SSVEP)
  • Quantitative EEG (qEEG) and etc.

SmartBCI x24

21 EEG channel

  • Active dry electrodes support
  • Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 interface
  • Low noise amplifiers

SmartBCI x32

31 EEG channel

  • 10-10 system caps (not full)
  • Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 interface
  • Low noise amplifiers

SmartBCI x64

64 EEG channel

  • Full 10-10 electrodes system
  • Up to 2000 Hz storage rate
  • Just 200 g weight

For detailed technical specification visit our wireless EEG comparison page


SmartBCI starts just from 55 g. and is a super lightweithed wireless EEG amplifier


Real-time impedance measurement allows you to control and store electrodes impedance values


Any electrodes could be selected like an reference electrode to fit your experiment


Recording on built-in memory and simultaneous wireless EEG monitoring on PC


Simultaneously video EEG monitoring of your subjects synchronized with raw EEG data


Built-in accelerometer provides extra evidence for artifact detection algorithms and determines subject position


Wet and active DRY electrodes with exchangeable elastic caps in any size to fit all your patient


SmartBCI provides Bluetooth interface for real-time EEG acquisition in different applications

SmartAIR Interface – Bluetooth 5.0 based technology

New generation of SmartBCI amplifiers supports new wireless high-performance Bluetooth 5.0 interface. Our SmartAIR dongle provides stable connection and working distance for better user experience. Now you can c data online with 500 Hz resolution.

EEG Caps and electrodes


Classic Ag/AgCl electrodes required gel injection are availed in multiple sizes to cover any patient population


Our active SmartDRY electrodes with high quality dry soft touch EEG sensors are compatible with x24 amplifier version


Adapter for any touch proof 1.5mm electrodes is available for all SmartBCI amplifier

Supported software

We offer to our customers complete solutions including not just hardware but also full functioning software packages both for EEG clinical routines and advanced post-hoc data processing in research labs.


Clinical EEG software package

EEGStudio - Clinical EEG software package
Includes patient management system, acquisition and processing modules that fit all requirements of clinical routines including Video EEG monitoring and ambulatory EEG.


Professional software for data processing

WinEEG - Professional software for data processing
World-recognized advanced research-grade software for Quantitative EEG and Long-latency Event-Related Potential (ERP) data post-hoc processing and analysis.

Lab Streaming Layer

Our EEGStudio software has the ability to transfer data through the universal LSL protocol. You can transfer data to third-party application, where data reception via LSL is supported either through special libraries or self-written user implementations. For example, in Matlab it is labstreaminglayer.


This is a common problem that has to be solved by the researchers in all EEG labs. We provide various solutions for synchronizations with third-party applications and support really comfortable environment for the experiments.

  • Lab Streaming Layer in- and outlet
  • Wireless synchronization and time stamps
  • TTL interface for accessories and external devices
  • Remote control for manual time stamps

SmartSYNC module

SmartSYNC is an add-on for SmartBCI system. The SmartSYNC is a multimodal synchronization module intended for control of the portable LED photo stimulator, audio stimulation via attached headphones and for accurate time alignment of the electroencephalogram and the moments of the following external events presentation: photo and background stimuli, patient respond, signals from digital sensors.



The synchronization module is used only together with the SmartBCI and is controlled and operated by SmartBCI amplifier via a wireless infrared channel. The SmartSYNC allows:

  • to detect and put markers of the moments of occurrence of external events
  • generate and present via headphones tone sound pulses (audio stimuli)
  • generate pulses to control the portable 2 channel photo stimulator

The synchronization module has four plugs for connecting the LED photic googles, headphones for audio stimulation, patient button or other digital sensors and third-party devices for sychnronization.

Subject hook up

Both SmartBCI and SmartSYNC are mounted on subject chest with special designed body harness. They are connected to each other via wireless IR interface to avoid any extra noise on EEG from accessories and third-party devices.

  1. SmartSYNC synchronization module
  2. SmartBCI wireless EEG amplifier
  3. SmartBCI EEG cap
  4. Body harness

SmartSYNC connection diagram

  1. Patient respond button
  2. TTL synchronization cable
  3. Photic LED googles
  4. Monitor sensor
  5. Headphones
  6. Charging cable