Ambulatory EEG Solution

Ultra-small EEG system

Ultra-small SmartBCI ambulatory EEG system provides accurate noise free EEG collection, flexibility to the doctor, better patient comfort both in the hospital and home environment.

Ambulatory EEG system includes wearable wireless Bluetooth SmartBCI amplifier ready for continuous EEG recordings.

Acquisition on internal storage as well as remote monitoring and recording to the PC, laptop of:

  • EEG and ECG signals
  • Electrodes Impedances
  • Patient body position
  • Pulseoximetry data
  • Up to 2 network FullHD day/night cameras
  • ZOOM and remote control of the camera position
  • Automatic video and audio signal compression
  • Dual monitor mode for technician/doctor comfort

Ambulatory EEG Solution


Android application for EEG acquisition and data transfer to Dropbox or Google Drive.


  • 24 or 32 EEG channels version
  • Storage memory up to 64 Gb
  • Operation on full charge up to 24 h
  • Built in accelerometer