Pre & Post QEEG comparison report

Pre & Post QEEG comparison report


Comparison report with recommendations

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Attention! Please note that this price applied only if first QEEG report was performed by us. In case if two report are being processed from the beginning, the price will be 250 euro.

This analysis including comparison of two data sets recorded before and after intervention.

  • Signal processing tools (IPA, PCA, automatic rejection of artifacts and spikes)
  • FFT analysis of the brain electrical activity (power spectra distribution maps, asymmetry, coherence analysis, index of inattention).
  • Identification of the source of the biggest deviations in the brain with LORETA and sLORETA tools.
  • Statistical analysis and comparison of individual data with HBImed normative database and identification of functional brain biomarkers.
  • Comparison of two datasets and description of deviation in different parameter: power spectra, asymmetry, coherence, index of inattention.
  • Recommendations for biofeedback, neurofeedback ILF, tDCS and other forms of therapy.