Electrodes and accessories

EEG cap setup tutorial

This Electro-Cap setup tutorial includes all steps of EEG recording preparation including subject skip preparation, EEG cap setup with gel injection and data acquisition with impedance measurement in WinEEG software. This process is similar for all EEG caps supported by Mitsar-EEG systems. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/novatecheeg/161214684


ECG electrodes placement

One of POLY channels (BIO channels) of Mitsar-EEG amplifiers could be used for ECG channel recording. ECG electrodes connection to Mitsar-EEG amplifier ECG clamps placement on patient swrist Both single use ECG electrodes and ECG clamps could be used for recordings. ECG electrodes type Be sure that you use both EEG (including REF and GND) and ECG electrodes made from same material!