SmartBCI Lab

Neuromarketing and ERP research

SmartBCI wireless EEG highlights:

  • 24/32/64 channels wireless amplifiers
  • Full 10-20 montage EEG with DRY sensors
  • One headset for wet and dry electrodes
  • Synchronization with eye tracking
  • Lab Streaming Layer outlet and inlet
  • Data streaming to iMotions application

SmartBCI wireless EEG

SmartBCI Lab includes wearable EEG system, accessories and software ready for neuroscience research. Detail specification of SmartBCI and its comparison with other wireless EEG systems and headsets is available here (ссылка на Comparison). System is designed to support following research:

  • Brain Computer Interfaces
  • Peak Performance in Sports
  • Event Related Potentials
  • Quantitative EEG (qEEG)
  • Neuromarketing

SmartSYNC module

SmartSYNC is an add-on for SmartBCI system. The SmartSYNC is a multimodal synchronization module intended for control of the portable LED photo stimulator, audio stimulation via attached headphones and for accurate time alignment of the electroencephalogram and the moments of the following external events presentation: photo and background stimuli, patient respond, signals from digital sensors.

The synchronization module is used only together with the SmartBCI and is controlled and operated by SmartBCI amplifier via a wireless infrared channel. The SmartSYNC allows:

  • to detect and put markers of the moments of occurrence of external events
  • generate and present via headphones tone sound pulses (audio stimuli)
  • generate pulses to control the portable 2 channel photo stimulator

The synchronization module has four plugs for connecting the LED photic googles, headphones for audio stimulation, patient button or other digital sensors and third-party devices for sychnronization.

SmartSYNC accessories connection
SmartSYNC accessories connection diagram

1. Patient respond button
2. TTL synchronization cable
3. Photic googles
4. Monitor pattern sensor
5. Headphones
6. Charger USD cable

SmartBCI wireless EEG amplifier, SmartSYNC synchronization module
Suggested patient setup

1. SmartBCI amplifier
2. SmartSYNC synchronization module
3. Electrodes cap
4. Body harness