Clinical EEG solution

Mitsar-EEG for routine EEG procedures

Mitsar-EEG Routine

Mitsar-EEG Routine

Mitsar-EEG is mobile EEG solution ready for clinical routines

Mitsar-EEG system for clinical routine EEG procedures. EEG system is supplied on roll stand for EEG accessories basket and flexible goose arm for photic simulator.

  • Mobile roll stand for EEG system
  • LED bright photic simulator
  • USB or wireless EEG amplifier
  • Touch proof electrodes comparable
  • Connector for “10-20” EEG caps

EEG system by Mitsar is compatible with any type of modern laptop and allows you to be mobile and perform EEG investigations anywhere the need arises. All accessories and electrodes are supplied together with EEG system.

EEGStudio software

Mitsar-EEG Routine includes EEGStudio EEG acquisition and processing software and DATAStudio patient and recording management database. EEGStudio is designed to meet all requirements of clinical EEG routines including:

  • Patients and recordings database
  • Automatic recording scenarios
  • Doctor labels and events library
  • Programs for photic stimulation
  • Editable montage library
  • Report generation in MS Word


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EEGStudio clinical software