Research software for QEEG

Quantitative EEG (QEEG) – Research software for advanced QEEG processing provides a lot of options for post-hoc EEG processing including FFT Power Spectra with asymmetry and band rations mapping, Coherence with interaction diagrams, Independent Components Analysis and more.

Rapid re-montaging and pre-processing of raw data including artifact correction based on IC decomposition for suppression of eye blink, horizontal eye movements and cardiopoietic artifacts as well automatic search and marking of other type of events based on its amplitudefrequency characteristics.
  • Group analysis and grand average files
  • Automatic processing of EEG files batches
  • Import of EDF or EDF+ files from other systems
  • Export of raw/processed data to ASCII or EDF(+)
  • Full compatibility with NeuroGuide software