NeuroGuide Delux

NeuroGuide Delux


The most affordable and comprehensive Conventional EEG & qEEG System Available. One can add Dynamic EEG Databases, LORETA, Discriminants, Power, Coherence, Phase, JTFA, Burst Metrics, Statistics, Instantaneous Coherence & Phase, Phase Lock & Phase Shift Duration, Batch Processing, Bi-Spectra & Neurofeedback options.

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NeuroGuide Deluxe allows you to import previously recorded EEG data, clean and analyze data, as well as process the data into maps and necessary statistics. This will help you get a clear picture of the overall functioning of a person’s brain and aid in the creation of personalized training protocols.

Built from 625 normative comparisons of relative power, absolute power, power ratios, coherence, and phase and amplitude asymmetry, NeuroGuide Deluxe is the most informative and comprehensive Conventional EEG and QEEG analysis system available.

  • Import all major EEG file types for analysis
  • EEG/qEEG analysis system available
  • EEG Feature Detection & Time Marking
  • FDA Compliant Normative Database